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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Rick Ferrante

Wow! You said "I was born in Portland, Oregon in 1965."

The most common max HR Calculation is 220-age which would be 220-39 = 181.

Your heart must be unusual to be able to get to 201bpm at that age.

I am 40 and my heart tops out at 185 during sprints.
Maybe I am just not trying hard enough.


Well, yes and no. My view on heart rate has changed over the past few years. What the max heart rate says to me now is "It's somewhat good it can get that high, but it's really bad that it has to work that hard in the first place." I didn't have enough aerobic base built up to really be capable of running that pace.

My 5K record now is 22:22 (http://brucemorgan.blogs.com/afc/2006/01/resolution_run_.html) with a finish-line heart rate of 193.

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