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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Lawrence Salberg

Bruce, I posted this on my new blog - don't even look at it because it's a disgrace compared to your beauty here. However, I thought someone from MS should here it - just take my idea and use it - puh, lease... I'll just be happy using the feature. Other than that, I love IE7 thus far as my review pretty much affirms.

"Requested Feature: Should anyone from Microsoft be reading, here’s a feature I’ve yet to see on any broswer, although admittedly I’ve never used Opera or Safari. When we are browsing a page that is already in our favorites (anywhere in our favorites), have the tab glow or highlight or something. Then, if we decide we don’t want it in our favorites anymore, we can just right-click the tab and say “Remove from Favorites”. It shouldn’t matter how we got to the page - whether we used our favorites or stumbled across it on the net. Also, as we websurfers tend to be a bit ADHD, we won’t attempt to add it a second time to our favorites. I regularly have over 50 duplicate sites when I clean out my favorites every six months or so. Don’t ask."

Lawrence Salberg

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