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Tuesday, October 03, 2006



This is good info. Thanks for sharing. I wish this sport wasn't so expensive though.

Sean McSheehy


Great breakdown on what to expect both mentally and financially for a race. I directed the swim portion of the
Silverman triathlon directed by Frank Lowery at in NV.
I would have to say you are correct about the swim being the most challenging for most. You don't usually have to pull someone off the bike or run course in the first 5 minutes, but it is always a given that a few are pulled from the lakes and seas soon after the start. For those that do finish the swim much of their energy is wasted fighting the water and not taking full advantage of the momentum that has been created. All of this will be paid for in the bike run portion. Good luck all in 2007 and hope to see you Bruce @ the Silverman sometime in the future!

Deneil Hopkins

as m just a newbie to this kinda sport....ur provided me some gr8 info....thnx

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