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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Clint Jorgenson

Man, that is sexy fast. Think Timberlake - but, don't get that song stuck in your mind, it will slow you down. Most excellent purchase. Zippy!

Tim Addie

Just out of curiosity, I am looking into purchasing a P3 for this upcoming season and love the look of the black/white frame c black/white zipp's. Zipp's 2008 line now comes stock black and white, and i am looking at get the Zipp 8's. About how much did you spend on your bike after upgrades?

Thanks and have fun training/racing,


Fred Durand

hello !
which size your bike ?

Simon Finch

Hi there,
I have the same bike but I am battling to find a hydration system for the new seatpost. Did the Flatwing bolt onto the two holes provided on the seatpost. Did you have to do any modifications?
Thanks for any info.

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